Non-Residential Permits

The application process in Richmond Hill to construct a new a non-residential building (ICI) or to alter an existing non-residential building, requires a number of forms and other materials, including:

  • Site plan with zoning statistics, reference to a current survey
  • Separate site services (exterior plumbing) permit
  • Permit fees, as per By-law 55-19, Schedule A

Richmond Hill offers the following forms and checklists to help you complete your permit application correctly.

Tenant Permit


Non-residential project forms:

Project Form


Statement of Design


Building Data Matrix

  • Determines the building classification
  • States the proposed building occupancy type
  • Confirms the size of the building (gross floor area and height)
  • States which life safety systems are required for your project
  • Barrier-free access
  • Spatial separation data
  • Occupant load
  • Washroom requirements

Commitment to General Review and Owners Undertaking

  • Certifies that the project is reviewed during construction by an architect, professional engineer or both
  • Informs you that according to the OBC professionals conducting reviews must be licensed to practice in Ontario
  • Requires the names and disciplines of the professionals who will conduct the general reviews

Compliance with Applicable Law

  • States that your project complies with all applicable laws and regulations that apply
  • Requires documentation that proves each law is met

Plumbing and Drain Worksheet

  • Indicates what plumbing and drain work is being done
  • Confirms what site servicing work is to be done

Schedule 1: Designer Information

  • A form completed by each person who takes responsibility for a design that is submitted with a permit application
Application to Construct or Demolish      
  • Permit application form for the construction or demolition of a building
Mechanical Unit Data sheet
  • To be filled out by the design Engineer for all roof top unit installations


Non-residential project checklists:

Project Checklist


Energy Efficiency Compliance Checklist "Part 3" and "Part 9" (buildings as per SB-10)

  • Summarizes the Energy Efficiency Compliance Path used to meet the requirements of the OBC SB-10

Non-Residential Permit and Site Servicing Permit Applications Checklist

*New Part 9 Non-Residential Buildings, New Part 3 Buildings, or additions to Non-Residential Buildings

  • Lists pre-approvals, forms, documents, site plans, architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings needed for a complete application
  • Lists site servicing drawings, plumbing worksheets and exterior plumbing required for site servicing permits