Village Core Facade Assistance Program

Our Village Core Façade Assistance Program gives financial help to Yonge Street commercial property owners in the downtown area who want to improve the exterior condition of their building. This area includes businesses along Yonge Street from Major Mackenzie Drive to Crosby/Benson Avenue.


The maximum amount of funding you can receive from the Village Core Façade Assistance Programs is 50 per cent of the cost of your project. The program provides support up to a maximum of $10,000 per property.

A single property can receive funding for more than one project. The combined maximum amount of financial help for all these projects is $10,000.

How to apply

View the Village Core Façade Assistance Program Guidelines to confirm your eligibility. Fill out this document to apply for the program. You need to submit a detailed proposal and at least three price estimates for the work you are planning to have done. A checklist is included in the guidelines to help you with the application process.

Read the Letter of Understanding to confirm the terms and conditions of the program. You need to fill out the bottom portion of this letter and sign it. Include the letter in your application package.

Call the Policy Planning Section at 905-771-8910 for more information.

Gormley Heritage Conservation District

The Gormley Heritage Conservation District (HCD) includes the village core of Gormley. The HCD was introduced to preserve, protect and improve the unique features of the area.

Learn more about the district by viewing the: