Fitness FAQs

COVID-19 Update: All Fitness Centres are closed. There is no access to the weight room, cardio machines or indoor track. For more information visit

Here are some of our frequently asked questions about fitness opportunities in Richmond Hill, including information about our memberships, fitness studios and fitness programs:

Are lockers available?
Day lockers are available. Members must bring their own lock and remove the lock after every visit. Any remaining lock on a day locker will be removed at the end of each business day.
Can I bring a guest to a fitness studio or fitness class?
We do not offer guest passes with our memberships. Non-members can use our fitness studios for $11 per visit. The drop-in fee for fitness or aquafitness classes is $10.10 for adults or $7.10 for youths and seniors. 10-visit punch cards are also available. They cost $91.09 for adults or $63.77 for youth and seniors.
Can I cancel my membership or transfer it to another family member?
Memberships are not transferable. Submit a Refund Request Form to end your membership before the expiry date. There is a $11.30 administration fee. You might receive a refund for the time left on your membership but this is not guaranteed.
Can my membership be extended if I am sick or away on vacation and unable to use it?

If you are ill and have a doctor's note, we can extend memberships at no additional charge. You can also request a membership extension for personal reasons before the period of absence. This requires a $11.90 (I need to get the proper price) administration fee. The minimum extension period is three weeks. Only one extension can be requested per membership term.

Maximum extensions for memberships:
Membership termMaximum extension
1 month membership Not applicable
3 month membership 1 month
6 month membership 2 months
1 year membership 4 months
Does my Fitness Studio Membership include public skating or tennis?
Fitness Studio Memberships do not include public skating or tennis. See the Community Recreation Guide for information about these programs.
Does my fitness class membership include public swimming?

The fitness class membership does not include public swimming. Purchase a Fitness Plus Membership to get access to:

  • All three of Richmond Hill's fitness centres
  • All basic fitness and aquafitness classes
  • Recreational swims (except Wave Swims)
How can I register for a membership?
Visit one of Richmond Hill's fitness or community centres to sign up for a membership.  You can also sign up online.  You must visit a fitness or community centre to obtain your membership card.
Is there a family membership?
We don't have family memberships but we do have a dual discount option. Two individuals can buy the same type of membership for the same term and each person will receive a 10 per cent discount. This discount is available to anyone, not just families. Both people must buy their memberships at the same time to receive this discount.
Is there a reduced fee for post-secondary students?
Post-secondary students receive a 20 per cent discount. You must show a valid student card or current timetable when you apply for your membership to get this discount.
What is the difference between basic fitness classes and specialized fitness classes?

Basic fitness classes run year-round. You can buy a fitness class membership, a 10-visit punch card or pay a drop-in fee to join basic fitness classes.

Specialized fitness classes run seasonally and are usually seven to ten weeks long. You must register for specialized fitness classes.

What is the minimum age requirement to use the fitness studios?
You must be at least 16 years old to use our fitness studios. Youth who are between the ages of 13 and 15 can get a fitness studio membership if they complete a personal training orientation.
Why do I have to fill out the Membership Registration Form and Physical and Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Par-Q) every time I renew my membership?
The Membership Registration form and Par-Q is a contract between Richmond Hill and the member. Once the membership expires, so does the contract. You must start a contract when you renew your membership once it expires.
Will I have to pay the original price when I renew my membership?
You get an extra month free of charge when you renew your membership for one year. This does not apply when a member buys a different type of membership than they previously had. This does not apply to discounted memberships. Memberships must be renewed within 30 days of the expiry date to receive this extra month free of charge.