Youth Action Committee

Richmond Hill's Youth Action Committee (YAC) gives Council advice and input about teen recreational issues. The group is made up of teens in grades 6 to 12. Their main goals include:

  • Advise the Community Services Department about recreation issues affecting teens
  • Plan and participate in events and activities, such as teen dances, the Santa Claus Parade, Youth Week and more
  • Provide new ideas for recreation programs
  • Promote teen programs and events

YAC members

There are Core and Ambassador YAC members. Core members chair meetings, listen to comments and suggestions made by Ambassadors and vote on decisions. They also plan special events or activities. Ambassador members help organize events and promote youth programs and committee events.

The schedule for YAC meetings is to be determined. Meetings will be held virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact the  Recreation and Culture team by email for more information.