There are many volunteer opportunities in Richmond Hill. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, get experience and give back to the community. Our volunteer database makes it easy for you to sign-up for opportunities, track your hours and plan your volunteer work.



Please note:  The Richmond Hill Volunteer program is currently suspended and is not accepting volunteers at this time.  Check back for updates. 

Richmond Hill volunteer opportunities include:

  • Recreational programs, such as camps, integration support and aquatics
  • Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, events and programs
  • Community events, such as Canada Day, Concerts in the Park, Ribfest and the Santa Claus Parade
  • Community Stewardship program
  • Environmental outreach events
  • Open Houses, such as the Fire Department Open House and National Public Works Week Open House
  • Healthy Yards program
  • Community gardening
  • Waste management projects
  • Integration - Leisure Buddy

How to sign-up

Attend a volunteer orientation
We run the Volunteer Orientation to help you get started. You must attend an orientation before signing up to become a volunteer. A list of upcoming sessions is included in the Community Recreation Guide on the Volunteer Development pages.
Build an online profile

Please note:  The Richmond Hill Volunteer program is currently suspended and is not accepting volunteers at this time.  Check back for updates. 

Sign up to become a Richmond Hill volunteer by creating an online profile for our volunteer database. Follow the directions to create your profile. You will need to complete all information including:

  • Basic information
  • Additional information
  • Qualifications
  • Interests
  • Availability
  • Goals

Volunteers, under the age of 18, need to complete the Parent/Guardian section as well.

You will need to send copies of all valid certificates you include in the qualifications section. Email us copies of your certificates or mail them to the Volunteer Development Assistant at the Richvale Community Centre located at:

160 Avenue Road
Richmond Hill ON, L4C 5L8

Please note that your AODA Accessible Customer Service Training can be completed online, once you've created a profile.

Don't forget to save your profile! Once this is complete, you will receive two emails from us - one with your username and login information and another welcoming you to our volunteer program.

Complete Accessible Customer Service Training

You need to complete the AODA Accessible Customer Service Training online before you can start volunteering. Once you have attended the Volunteer Orientation and have made an online profile, you will receive and email with the access link to complete the AODA online training. We will then update your profile to show that your training has been completed.

Send us your required forms

Volunteers, under the age of 18, need to complete a Parent/Guardian Waiver Form.

Volunteers who are 18 years of age and older need to get a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check from the York Regional Police/your local police department. Please ensure you pick up the form along with the supporting letter and take both of them to the York Regional Police Community Office at Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road.

Send your completed forms to Volunteer Development at Richvale Community Centre located at:

160 Avenue Road
Richmond Hill ON, L4C 5L8

You can also email us your waiver but you need to send or drop off the original copy of your Vulnerable Sector Screening Check by mail.

Once we receive and review your forms, we will update your online profile and activate your account.

Visit the volunteer database

You can start searching for volunteer opportunities once your profile is complete, your forms have been received and your Accessible Customer Service Training is complete.

Sign into your account and find a volunteer position that best fits your skills. Our database has tabs that let you sign-up for shifts, log your volunteer hours and set volunteer goals.

Email us or call the Volunteer Assistant at 905-884-0855, ext. 227 for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about volunteering in Richmond Hill:

How do I complete my school forms?
  1. Get your High School Completion of Community Involvement Form from the Guidance Office at your school
  2. Fill out your form in pen, not pencil
  3. Attach your Volunteer Hours Tracking Form that was signed by your on-site supervisor after every volunteer shift
  4. Update your hours in your online profile as well
  5. Attach your Volunteer Hours Tracking Form(s), filled out by your supervisor
  6. Scan and send your forms to Volunteers at volunteers@richmondhill.ca.
  7. We will confirm your hours and email your approved forms to the email address included in your online volunteer profile.
How do I log my volunteer hours online?
  1. Log into your account on our volunteer database
  2. Go to the Hours Log tab
  3. Click on All Inactive Activities
  4. Choose the past volunteer job you'd like to log hours for from the Activity dropdown list
  5. Enter the date and total hours you volunteered for that shift
  6. Click on "save" and your hours will be submitted for approval
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each volunteer job you'd like to log hours for
How do I sign-up for, confirm, decline or cancel volunteer shifts?
  1. Log into your account on our volunteer database
  2. Go to the Sign-up tab
  3. Make sure there are no filters selected
  4. Click on volunteer opportunities with shifts available, indicated in the "S" column
  5. Read the description of the volunteer position and check the sign-up box for the shift you want
  6. Click on "save"
  7. Confirm your shift by clicking "confirm" on the right-hand side (You can also confirm jobs after signing up by going to the Assignments tab)
  8. To cancel a volunteer job you've signed-up for, go to the Assignments tab and click "remove" next to the job you want to cancel (You can also "decline" jobs that you have not confirmed yet)
  9. If you are unable to remove yourself from the shift, email volunteers@richmondhill.ca 
How do I track my volunteer hours?
It is important to track of your volunteer hours, especially when you are completing the 40 hours of high school community involvement activities. Use our Volunteer Hours Tracking Form to write down your hours and have your supervisor sign your form after every volunteer shift.  Don't forget to log your hours in your online profile as well.
How to log your hours in the volunteer database

Step 1:
Go to www.myvolunteerpage.com and log into your volunteer profile and navigate to the Hours Log tab. Click the blue text link, "All Inactive Activities" (see the screen shot below):

Screen shot with an arrow pointing to the "all inactive activities" link at 222.myvolunteerpage.com.

 Step 2:
Then, go to the drop down arrow, Activity. Search for and click to choose the past activity volunteered for.

Screen shot with an arrow pointing to the drop fown arrow, "activity".


Step 3:
Enter the Date Volunteered and under that the Total Time.


Step 4:
Click and Save and it will be submitted for approval.


Step 5:
Repeat for next date/time entry.

Court ordered community services

Please do not use our online volunteer database for court ordered community service.

Email Kathy Sampson or call 905-884-0855, ext. 224 for help with finding volunteer jobs for this type of community service. This is only available for persons under the age of 18.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Evaluation Form

Volunteer Parent/Guardian Waiver Form