Vendor and Exhibitor Application

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Application Guidelines 
  • Booth spaces and fees are based on a 10' x 10' space. A limit of two booth spaces per festival or event will apply unless otherwise approved. Additional fees will apply. 
  • Booth spaces are limited and placement is at the discretion of the Event Representative.
  • Relocating/sub-contracting of confirmed booth space(s) is strictly prohibited. 
  • Booths will be supplied with one (1) table, two (2) chairs and two (2) 15 amp electrical outlets if requested. If extra tables, chairs and electrical outlets are requested, additional fees will apply.
  • Vendors and exhibitors must provide their own water, ice and equipment including tents, cable mats, and extension cords.
  • Booths must be staffed during the operating hours of the festival or event.
  • Selling or soliciting products/services from outside the booth space is strictly prohibited.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be sold on Richmond Hill property without a liquor license and unless otherwise approved. 
  • Only items listed on the Vendor and Exhibitor Confirmation can be sold and/or sampled unless otherwise approved.
  • There will be no refund of payment for participants that do not attend the festival or event. Refunds will be issued only in extreme circumstances as deemed by Event Services staff. A service fee will apply to any refunds. 
Types of Vendors and Exhibitors

Artist - A not-for-profit and/or commercial/corporate entity that occupies a booth with the sole intention of displaying and selling works of art.

Exhibitor - A not-for-profit and/or commercial/corporate entity that occupies a booth with the sole intent of displaying information and interacting with festival or event patrons. There is no intention to sell product or solicit services in any way.

Food and Beverage Concessions (Mobile Carts) - A not-for-profit and/or commercial/corporate mobile food cart with the sole intent of selling food and beverage items to festival or event patrons.
Please note this option is only available for the Richmond Hill Santa Claus Parade.

Food and Beverage Concessions (Food Trucks and Booths) - A not-for-profit and/or commercial/corporate entity that occupies a stationary concession booth or truck with the sole intent of selling food and beverages to festival or event patrons.

Vendor - A not-for-profit and/or commercial/corporate entity occupying an outdoor booth in a prime location with the sole intention of selling a product or soliciting a service to festival or event patrons.

Festival and Event Information and Fees
Information and fees for 2021 City-led festivals and events are unavailable at this time.
Application Form

You can apply to be a vendor or exhibitor by submitting a Vendor and Exhibitor Application

Submission of a Vendor and Exhibitor Application form does not guarantee the vendor or exhibitor will be selected to participate at Richmond Hill festivals and events. Vendors and exhibitors selected to participate will be notified via email by an Event Representative.

General Liability Insurance and Public Health

General Liability Insurance

  • Successful vendors and exhibitors must provide evidence of General Liability Insurance in the amount of $5,000,000 per occurrence and listing the Corporation of the City of Richmond Hill as additional named insured. 

  • Only a City Certificate of Insurance form signed and stamped by an authorized representative of the Insuring Company will be accepted. 
  • Fill out the General Liability - Standard Form (and Umbrella and Automobile if required).  

York Region Public Health 

These forms must be submitted to the Event Representative per the instructions outlined in the Vendor and Exhibitor Confirmation. 

Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee a space as a vendor or exhibitor at Richmond Hill festivals and events. If selected an Event Representative will contact you with further instructions.