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Greening the Hill: Our Community, Our Future

Our first Environment Strategy, Greening the Hill: Our Community, Our Future builds on the many successful and award-winning environmental initiatives already underway in Richmond Hill. It reflects the values and vision of our community - with more than 2,000 people providing input on what matters most for our local environment.

The vision for Greening the Hill is for Richmond Hill to be a community that protects, enhances and restores its natural environment. This complements the Strategy’s mission, which is to reach our vision through responsible community development, sound municipal management and community programming.
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Together with the community, we'll find ways to enrich our local environment now, and for future generations. This means connecting green spaces, planning for a sustainable urban environment and protecting our local air, land and water resources (i.e. energy management, waste reduction, sustainable transportation like walking and cycling etc.). 

An Environmental Scorecard will track the progress of Greening the Hill in reaching our vision.

Below you will find two documents, an abbreviated version of the Strategy which summarizes key goals and recommended actions, as well as a technical document which contains the full Environment Strategy & Implementation Plan.

  • A Public Guide to the Environment Strategy [PDF]
  • Environment Strategy & Implementation Plan - Full Document [PDF]

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the development of Greening the Hill! We look forward to working together to build a more sustainable community!

    For information on upcoming environmental events and initiatives, visit

    Background Research & Supporting Documents
  • Phase 1: Baseline Research [PDF]
  • Phase 2: Public Consultation [PDF]
  • Phase 3: Key Findings & Future Directions Report [PDF]
  • Phase 4: Draft Environment Strategy and Implementation Plan [PDF] 

    If you would like to be added to our mailing list, email us at or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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