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Going GreenRichmond Hill provides curbside collection of everyday organic waste. These organic materials are composted rather than landfilled. Green Bin organics are collected every week on the same day as your Blue Box recycling. Green Bins should be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection, and not earlier than 6 p.m. on the night preceding collection.

By using your Blue Box and Green Bin together, you’ll find that there’s very little household garbage left over. As a result, garbage is picked up every other week. To find out when your collection day is, check out the link below.

When is your waste (garbage, blue box, green bin) collected?  

Certified Compostable Bags Display This LogoCompostable Bags and the Green Bin Program
It’s time to make your Green Bin really green! As of May 1, 2011, all material must be placed in a certified compostable bag or paper bag in order to be collected.

Compostable bags are available at most retailers that sell garbage bags. Look for the logo to ensure that the bag is certified compostable.

Plastic bags will not compost and end up being shipped to landfill. By using certified compostable bags or paper bags, a cleaner, more versatile compost is produced.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit York Region's Website.

Waste Management Calendar

2016 Waste Management Calendar [PDF]

Green Bin Program Additional Info

GoingGREEN What Goes Where Guide [PDF]   
  • Waste Management Collection Overview [PDF]

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  • Green Bin Program Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I put plastic bags in the Green Bin?
    No, compostable bags must be used to line either your In-house Bin or the Green Bin. Please do not double bag or put extra plastic in your Green Bin as this material will have to be separated out again later in the process.
    Is there a limit on how much household organics I can place out for collection?
    No, there is no limit as long as the organics are in either the Green Bin or a compostable bag beside the Green Bin. Remember to keep within the 18 kg weight limit.

    Can I place leaf and yard waste in with my organics?
    No, these materials are collected separately. Check your collection calendar for scheduled yard waste pick up dates.
    What can I use to safely clean my Green Bin?
    Avoid using products that contain bleach as they may contaminate the organics. Try using vinegar, baking soda or regular dishwashing soap.
    Can I put pet waste in my Green Bin?
    For the health of our collection crews, pet waste must be placed in a compostable bag before going into your Green Bin.

    How do I deal with odours and/or flies in the summer?
    • Keep the lid on your Green Bin tightly closed.
    • Place your Green Bin out for collection every week, even when it is only partially full. 
    • Wash your Green Bin regularly. 
    • Line your In-house Bin with a compostable bag and tie the bag before placing it in your Green Bin. 
    • Wipe on and around the lid of your Green Bin with vinegar to reduce odours.
    • Try putting your bags of organic material in the freezer until collection time.
    What happens to the organics?
    One two-compartment truck will collect both Green Bin and Blue Box material. Once collected, the organic material will be transported to a composting facility to be used to create good quality finished compost.

    How can I get extra bins?
    Extra Green Bins can be purchased at the Operations Centre located at 1200 Elgin Mills Road East, for $18. These bins are also located at some large retail locations and at the Elgin Mills Community Environmental Centre.

    Keeping Pests Away From Your Green Bin
    Although the Green Bin is very durable and has a strong locking lid designed to keep animals out, residents living in areas frequented by raccoons and other pests should follow these tips: 
    • Set your Green Bin out in the morning instead of the night before if possible. Place out for collection by 7 a.m.
    • Always securely latch your Green Bin.
    • Make sure all contents are inside the bin, and all bits of bag and food are tucked under the lid.
    • Hang your Green Bin from a hook in the garage or on the porch. Without leverage, raccoons cannot open the bin.
    • If you store your green bin outside, you can use a short bungee cord to secure the lid. Please remove cords before placing your Green Bin at the curb.

    For more information about the GoingGREEN Program, call (905) 771-8800 or e-mail

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