Payment Options

COVID-19 Update: Beginning January 31, 2021, interest on unpaid taxes will be applied monthly. Late payment penalties will apply to 2021 tax instalments.

Richmond Hill offers you a number of ways to pay your property taxes:

Pay at the drop-off box

Make a payment by cheque using our 24-hour drop-off box. Please attach your tax payment stub to the cheque within your envelope. There is one drop-off box in our community:

  • Municipal Offices at 225 East Beaver Creek Road (Ground floor)

You can also pay your water bill or parking tickets using the drop-off box. Please do not use the drop off box for cash payments.

Please note that effective January 1, 2020 the drop-off box located at 1200 Elgin Mills Road East is no longer available for use.

Pay at the bank

You can pay your property taxes at most banks or through an automatic teller machine (ATM). You need the payment stub attached to your bill to make this kind of payment. Present your bill portion in-person to get a receipt stamp from a teller as proof of payment. Contact your bank from more information.

Pay by mail

You can pay your property tax bill by mailing us a cheque payable to City of Richmond Hill. We also accept post-dated cheques for instalment due dates. Send your cheque and tax payment stub to:

Richmond Hill, Tax Payments Processing Centre
P.O. Box 1997, Station B
Toronto, ON M5T 3G7

Post-dated cheques can't be returned. Please do not send cash through the mail.

Pay electronically

Your bank most likely offers telephone or internet banking options for easy bill payments such as your property tax bill. Contact your bank for more information. You need your 20-digit property tax roll number from your tax bill to automate electronic bill payments. Payments made through your financial institution can take 3-5 business days to reach us which may result in payments not being received until after the due date. Proof of payment is needed to correct this late payment issue.

Pay in person - Currently unavailable. 

You can pay your taxes at our cashier's counter in Access Richmond Hill. We accept cash, cheques, money orders and debit cards. Payments with your credit card can be made using one of our kiosks available at Access Richmond Hill. Please bring your tax bill or payment stub with you when making the payment. Make a payment in person at:

Access Richmond Hill
225 East Beaver Creek Road, Ground Floor
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4

Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

Pre-authorized debit (PAD) plans

We offer two pre-authorized debit plans:

  • A ten month debit plan, withdrawing payments on the first business day of each month

  • A due date plan, withdrawing payments on the regular due dates

Learn more about our Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Plans.

Pay by credit card

Richmond Hill has partnered with Paymentus Corporation, a third-party service provider, to bring you the convenience of paying your property tax online with your Visa or Mastercard. A service fee of 2.5% of the payment amount is charged by Paymentus for each payment up to a maximum of $10,000 per payment. This is paid by the taxpayer. 

How do I access this service?

To access this service, please visit our credit card payment page. You will be transferred to a secure webpage provided by Paymentus. You will be asked for your 20-digit tax roll number, contact information, your credit card information and how much you want to pay. Richmond Hill does not receive any of your credit card information. Please note the processing time for payments made with your credit card is five business days.

Why is there a service fee?
Paymentus charges a 2.5% fee for use of their service. This fee covers payment handling and processing charges. Richmond Hill does not receive any part of the service fee.
Can I pay with my credit card by phone or in person?
We do not accept credit card payments by phone and Access Richmond Hill Advisors cannot accept credit card payments. However, kiosks that link to the secure website provided by Paymentus will be available at Access Richmond Hill (currently closed due to COVID-19) for those who want to pay by credit card in person. 
Can I pay by credit card on my due date? 
Credit card payments take up to five business days to be processed by Paymentus and provided to the City of Richmond Hill. Please pay in advance of your due date to ensure the payment is received by Richmond Hill on time. 
How will my transaction be confirmed?
You will receive an email from Paymentus within a few minutes of making the payment. The email will be sent to the email address you provide during the payment process. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive an email confirmation after a few minutes.
Who can I speak with if I have questions after making a payment?
For any property tax related queries or issues, please contact Access Richmond Hill at 905-771-8949.
How will the payment appear on my credit card statement?
When you pay your property taxes online using your credit card two separate charges will appear on your credit card statement. The first charge will indicate your property tax payment made to Richmond Hill and the second charge will indicate the 2.5% service fee charged by Paymentus.
Can I enroll on a pre-authorized debit plan using my credit card?
No. Richmond Hill does not offer a pre-authorized debit plan for credit cards. Learn more about our Pre-Authorized Debit Plans.