Site Plan and Site Plan Amendments

Site Plan Control

Richmond Hill's By-law No. 137-09, as amended, establishes all of the City of Richmond Hill as a Site Plan Control Area. The Site Plan Control By-law requires certain development proposals to be approved through the City's Site Plan or Site Plan Amendment application process.

Site Plan control protects property rights and values. It also protects environmental and heritage features of a site and its surrounding areas. The Site Plan approval process ensures that planned structures and the overall development of lands contribute to the development of the community in a positive way.

The City of Richmond Hill must approve any proposed development on lands subject to Site Plan Control. Development includes:

  • Constructing, erecting or placing one or more buildings or structures on land
  • Additions or alterations to a building or structure that significantly increases the size or usability of it
  • Establishing a commercial parking lot; and,
  • All new construction and/or additions/modifications to industrial, commercial, institutional, mixed-use and multi-residential developments.

Are there any Exemptions?

Single detached or semi-detached residential dwellings are usually exempt from the Site Plan approval process, except on lands located in the following areas:

  • Lake Wilcox area;
  • Snively Street area;
  • Oak Ridges Moraine area; and,
  • Residential Infill and Infill Bonusing areas

Richmond Hill must approve all Site Plans for any type of development in these specific areas.

Application Process

NEW: You can now submit site plan applications online. Online applications must be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and a convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to the total fee at checkout. Hard copy submissions may still be made, please use this PDF form Site Plan or Site Plan Amendment Application Form [PDF].

Site Plan or Site Plan Amendment Application Form [Online submission]

Site Plan and Site Plan Amendment application process:

  1. pre-submission meeting is held with Development Planning Section staff. Following the meeting, the Development Planning Section issues a Submission Requirements letter.
  2. the City receives a completed Site Plan or Site Plan Amendment Application (online or hard copy), including a response to Richmond Hill's Submission Requirements Letter.
  3. Once the application is deemed complete, the Development Planning Section circulates the application to other City departments and applicable external agencies for review and comment.
  4. A Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled, if the proposed development is located on an arterial road.
  5. The Development Planning Section prepares a letter outlining comments from City departments and external agencies.
  6. The applicant prepares and submit revised drawings to address the comments provided and is circulated to affected departments and agencies for approval.
  7. A Site Plan Agreement is prepared and once the owner signs the agreement it is registered on title.
  8. An application for a Building Permit can be made in accordance with the registered Site Plan Agreement.

View the Site Plan and Site Plan Amendment Application Guide for more information.

Email the Planning Division or call 905-771-8910, if you have any questions about your application. You can also visit the Planning and Regulatory Services Department in person at the City of Richmond Hill's main Municipal Offices located at:

225 East Beaver Creek Road, 4th Floor
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4

How do I appeal a rejected application?

Site Plan applications may be appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).