Strategic Priorities

Richmond Hill’s Council Strategic Priorities 2020-2022 set the City on a solid path to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, minimizing the financial impact on residents while continuing to emphasize environmental initiatives, community building and transportation.

Four Strategic Priorities 

Balancing Growth and Green

Recognizing the critical balance between economic development and environmental protection, this includes stewardship of green spaces such as wetlands, parks and trails and longer-term sustainability planning and climate action initiatives, alongside decisions that promote responsible economic intensification and prosperity.

Examples of major projects:

Fiscal Responsibility

Council will endeavour to keep tax increases below the cost of inflation and will avoid unnecessary expenditures in order to emerge from COVID-19 in a strong financial position.

Examples of major projects:

  • Financial Sustainability Strategy
  • Revenue Generation and Brand Partnership Initiatives
  • Investment Attraction Strategy
  • Asset Management Plan
  • City Transformation Project
Strong Sense of Belonging

This is a placemaking priority that combines a desire for everyone to feel welcome in Richmond Hill and a commitment to community building in places like the downtown core, Lake Wilcox and the Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory.

Examples of major projects:

Getting Around the City

Council will prioritize ease of movement around the city by promoting Richmond Hill’s multiple transportation interconnections, being well-positioned for the Yonge subway extension and improving active transportation networks for cyclists and pedestrians.

Examples of major projects:

These priority areas align with the feedback received by more than 800 residents through a community survey run in September 2020.

The Strategic Priorities 2020-2022 fit with Richmond Hill’s existing Vision and Mission from the 2009 Strategic Plan: A Plan for People, A Plan for Change.  

Vision: Richmond Hill, where people come together to build our community

Mission: The City of Richmond Hill Council and staff are committed to providing exceptional public service to our community.