Urban Forest Management Plan

Over the next 20 years, Richmond Hill will experience unprecedented growth and urbanization. At the same time, we are forecasted to experience more extreme weather and changes in climate. Our Urban Forest Management Plan will prepare us and strengthen our ability to manage and maintain a healthy urban forest until 2040.

What is the urban forest?

Trees and woodlands throughout our community are an essential component of our urban infrastructure contributing to a high quality of life in Richmond Hill. All trees and woodlands, whether on public or private land, represent the urban forest. Collectively, they help make our community healthy and resilient in countless ways including cleaning the air and water, reducing flood risk, conserving energy, counteracting urban heat stress and increasing property values

Richmond Hill's Urban Forest Management Plan

Our Plan builds on a strong foundation of urban forest management in Richmond Hill and provides a comprehensive approach for managing our urban forest. It assists us in prioritizing efforts and identifies opportunities for improvement by streamlining workflows, leveraging technology and innovation, and optimizing resources. 

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"Richmond Hill and its urban forest grow and thrive together, each contributing to the health and vitality of the other."


  • Build knowledge to make wise decisions
  • Plan and protect to preserve canopy cover
  • Strengthen the urban forest to increase resilience
  • Grow partnerships to strengthen stewardship

These goals which are supported by objectives and 41 actions respond to the changes the City will face over the next two decades.

A strong foundation in urban forest management

Richmond Hill is recognized as a Tree City of the World by The Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for being committed to growing and maintaining our urban forest.

Our Urban Forest Management Plan was developed with the recognition that Richmond Hill has a strong foundation of urban forest management. Many approaches, policies and practices necessary to reach our goals have already been put into place, including :

The City has also forged valuable partnerships with the community, businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, and other levels of government.