Streams, Rivers and Lakes

Richmond Hill is home to headwaters of the Humber River, Rouge River and Don River systems, which all flow south into Lake Ontario. Richmond Hill is also home to kettle lakes such as Lake Wilcox, Bond Lake and Phillip's Lake. 

Humber River

The East Humber River starts on the Oak Ridges Moraine, in the kettle lakes of St. George and Wilcox. A variety of wildlife lives here, in the north end of Richmond Hill. 

Rouge River

The Rouge River covers a large section of Richmond Hill to the east, connecting with both the West Rouge Tributary and Beaver Creek Tributary. This area is home to the Jefferson Forest and the Jefferson Salamander, a Species at Risk

Don River

The Upper East Don runs down the west side of Richmond Hill. Mill Pond, Pioneer Park and Rumble Pond are located in this area.

Protecting our water resources

In Richmond Hill, we protect our water resources (streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater) through: