Grass and Weed Bylaw

Richmond Hill's Grass and Weeds By-law

On March 25th, 2019 Council adopted the Grass and Weeds By-law 31-19.  By-law 31-19 repealed the former Long Grass and Weeds By-law 217-96, and includes the following regulations.

  • Grass and weeds cannot exceed a length of 20cm year round;
  • Residents are responsible for maintaining boulevards next to their property;
  • Gardens containing wildflowers are exempt provided they are in an area which is clearly defined from the lawn;
  • Environmentally sensitive or protected lands such as floodplains and meadows are exempt;
  • Property owners are not required to mow grass in boulevard ditches.

The Grass and Weeds By-law allows Richmond Hill staff and contractors to access private property to remove grass and weeds which do not comply with the By-law. The cost for any removal can be charge back to the property.

Weed Control Act

Richmond Hill utilizes Ontario's Weed Control Act which prohibits noxious weed growth on agricultural lands and areas close to agricultural lands.

Noxious weeds are plants defined by the government as harmful to surrounding wildlife, agriculture and the public's health such as ragweed (hay fever), thistles, and poison ivy. According to provincial law, all noxious weeds must be removed from private properties by residents. The Weed control act does not identify dandelions, or goldenrod as noxious weeds.