Canada Post Community Mailboxes

Canada Post Corporation provides mail delivery to some Richmond Hill residents using a community mailbox that's located in a central part of their subdivision.

Community mailboxes belong to and are maintained by Canada Post.

In an effort to help keep our neighbourhoods clean, Richmond Hill launched a pilot program in which 90 recycling bins were installed across the community. Council has approved the expansion of the program starting in 2018. In order to focus on problem areas while keeping costs at a minimum, blue boxes will be placed at community mailboxes where litter issues have been reported by residents and have been verified by City staff.

Canada Post is also responsible for clearing the snow around the mailboxes and making them accessible.

If you have an issue to report about your community mailbox, including snow clearing activities, contact Canada Post online via or by calling 1-866-607-6301. 

If you have a recycling bin at your community mailbox that needs to be emptied or replaced, please contact Access Richmond Hill at 905-771-8800 or To request a blue box at your community mailbox, please email

Click here for information about Richmond Hill's Winter Maintenance activities, including primary and secondary road plowing/salting routes, sidewalk clearing/sanding, snow windrow removal program and on-street parking.