Water Fees and Charges

New Account: $41.50

New account fee is added to each new water account that is open.

Water Certificate: $17

There is a fee to purchase a Water Certificate. To order a Water Certificate please provide a letter containing the property address and a cheque for the amount listed above. You can drop this information off at Access Richmond Hill or mail it to:

Revenue Services
225 East Beaver Creek
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3P4

Returned payment fee: $45.50

If your financial institution refuses or dishonours your payment you will be charged a return payment fee. This can include a cheques sent to us or pre-authorized payments.
Electronic Payment Error: $36.50
Payment to a closed account in error which you want transferred to your new Richmond Hill water account will be charged an administration fee.

Refund: $36.50

When a refund is requested because a closed water account was paid there will be a charge deducted from the refunded amount.
Delinquent Accounts, Transfer to Tax Administration Fee: $41.50
If a water account goes unpaid 20 days after the final notice is sent, the owing amount gets transferred to the property tax account with an administration fee added to the water account. Payment for the transferred amount is payable to the property tax account at that time.

Non-Compliance (notice on door): $36.50 per notice

the City will notify you by letter if we require access to your water meter to repair or replace it and ask that you contact the City to schedule an appointment. If the homeowner does not respond, we will post a non-compliance letter on the door which carries a charge.

Non-Compliance, Water ON and OFF: $200 

If the above non-compliance letter is disregarded Richmond Hill has the authority to shut off the water which carries a charge of $200.

Plumbing Not Ready Charge: Residential $94 and Non-Residential $115

When a meter is requested to be installed at a newly built property and the plumbing doesn't meet specifications a charge is applied.

Meter Test: Cost of Meter + Cost of Test + 20% 

If you believe your meter is malfunctioning, you can request to have it tested at the above mentioned rate.

Locates on Private Property: $70

Richmond Hill can locate your water lines at a charge.