Crosby Park

COVID-19 Update: Parks, trails and most outdoor amenities are open. Crosby Park splash pad is now open. For more information, visit

Crosby Park is Richmond Hill's first fully accessible park. It was redesigned so everyone can enjoy outdoor recreation including:

  • Able-bodied people
  • Physically challenged individuals
  • People with sensory and cognitive impairments
  • Seniors

Crosby Park is located at the corner of Newkirk Road and Crosby Avenue, behind Centennial Pool.

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Water play area

Crosby Park has a water play area with a number of features including:

  • A frog pond with water-squirting frogs, spraying cattails, turtles, tadpoles and lily pads
  • Ground geysers and misters
  • A curved wave dock and a wall of water jets
  • A rain wall

Playground area

The playground area, which is entirely accessible without steps, is one of the largest inclusive playground structures in Ontario. It includes:

  • Gently sloping ramps with railings
  • A rubberized play surface 
  • Rubberized and non-rubberized swing courts
  • Accessible swing seats
  • An elevated sandbox
  • Numerous slides, including a double-width slide that can accommodate a child and caregiver
  • A tree house
  • Drum tables to play music on
  • Areas for parents and caregivers to sit

Other unique features

Crosby Park has many other unique areas including:

  • A Sensory Garden with a variety of annuals, herbs, perennials and grasses
  • Accessible board game tables
  • Way finding signage
  • Extra-wide, gently sloping trails
  • Colourful birdhouses and various artwork displays
  • Areas for bird watching
  • A new entranceway and drop-off area to improve access to Centennial Pool