Walking and Cycling

Our community is proud to be walk-friendly and bicycle-friendly.

Richmond Hill trail etiquette for shared trails (pedestrians and cyclists) includes: 

  • All users (pedestrians & cyclists) keep to the right side of the trail, except when passing another user.
  • Cyclists passing to the left of other trail users should slow down to pass, ensure the trail ahead is clear for passing and give a clear signal (voice, bell or horn) before passing. Cyclists should give the person they are passing time to respond and watch for reactions.
  • Cyclists should control their speed being mindful that different types of trail users are present.
  • Dog walkers keep leashes short to minimize tripping or impeding the movement of other trail users.

Cycling in Richmond Hill

There are many good reasons to cycle, including:

  • To get more exercise and be active
  • To save on transportation costs
  • To enjoy the environment
  • To have fun

Richmond Hill's cycling routes include:

  • 90 km of bike only routes
  • 57 km of bike routes with edge line or shared-lane markings (sharrows)
  • 13 km of bike lanes in residential areas and business parks
  • Over 150 km of trails

View a cycling map of York Region.


It is important to practice proper safety when caring for your bicycle and when cycling. Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling and York Region's Bicycle and Helmet Safety information will help you and your family stay safe while enjoying cycling activities.

Secure bike parking

Richmond Hill has free bike lockers at some of our community facilities. These lockers are for cycling gear only. You are encouraged to bring your own lock. Park your bike for free when you visit the following places:

Bike safety in your community


Richmond Hill has events to promote greener transportation options, such as:

Community initiatives

There are a number of other projects taking place in Richmond Hill, York Region and across Canada to support sustainable transportation. Some of these community initiatives include:

 Learn more about sustainable transportation in Richmond Hill.

Our Transportation Master Plan is being updated to include consideration for all modes of transportation, including cycling and walking.