Volunteer Achievement Awards

Do you know someone who has made a measureable, positive, impact on the Richmond Hill community during the pandemic? Recognize them with a Community Recognition Certificate.

Milestone Anniversary Certificate

We are pleased to acknowledge clubs, organizations, associations, etc. who are celebrating the completion of 10, 15, 20 or 25+ years of service in the community with a special Milestone Anniversary Certificate.

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Volunteer Achievement Awards

We are proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of residents who have demonstrated a commitment to building a stronger community and have contributed in an extraordinary way to make a meaningful difference for the residents of Richmond Hill.

Nominations for the Volunteer Achievement Awards is now closed.

Award Categories and Criteria 

Volunteer Achievement Awards (Multiple Recipients)

The Volunteer Achievement Awards have been established to recognize individuals who have made a meaningful difference in the lives of Richmond Hill residents through their volunteer efforts. To be eligible for this award, the individual must be 18 years of age of older, reside in Richmond Hill and have contributed a minimum of 35 hours annually for at least five consecutive years.  

Youth Volunteer Achievement Award (One Recipient)

The Youth Volunteer Achievement Award is presented to one individual 17 years of age or younger who has contributed to the enrichment of the social, cultural or civic life of the Richmond Hill community through volunteering. To be eligible for this award, the individual must reside in Richmond Hill and have contributed a minimum of 35 hours annually for at least two consecutive years.

Senior Volunteer Achievement Award (One Recipient)

The Senior Volunteer Achievement Award is presented to one individual 55 years of age or older who has contributed to the enrichment of the social, cultural or civic life of the community through volunteering. To be eligible for this award, the individual must reside in Richmond Hill and have contributed a minimum of 35 hours annually for two consecutive years.

Naim Malik Award for the Promotion of Intercultural Friendships (One Recipient)
The Naim Malik Award for the Promotion of Intercultural Friendships is presented to one individual who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to improving equity, inclusivity and/or diversity in Richmond Hill through volunteering. To be eligible for this award, the individual must reside in Richmond Hill, be 18 years of age or older and have contributed a minimum of 35 hours annually for three consecutive years.

Community Organization of the Year Award (One Recipient)
The Community Organization of the Year Award is presented to one non-government, not-for-profit organization who has profoundly impacted the lives of residents in Richmond Hill by implementing, improving, supporting or assisting a local project or program that has been operating for a minimum of three consecutive years.

Citizen of the Year Award (One Recipient)
The Citizen of the Year Award is presented to one individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the lives of Richmond Hill residents through volunteering. To be eligible for this award, the individual must be at least 18 years of age or older, reside in Richmond Hill and have contributed a minimum of 35 hours annually for at least ten years.

Eligibility Criteria 
To be eligible to receive an award, the nominee must:
  • reside in Richmond Hill;
  • not have received payment for their volunteer work or performed the services as part of their regular business or professional duties;
  • be active beyond simple membership in an organization;
  • meet the minimum age requirement per the nomination category;
  • have completed the minimum number of volunteer service hours per the nomination category; and
  • be nominated - self nominations are not accepted.

In addition, the nomination form must be completed in full and include:

  • Two letters of reference from individuals or organizations that can support the nominee's volunteer work.*
  • Nominee's volunteer profile as it pertains to the nomination (including organization name(s), years of service, roles and responsibilities and impact on their environment).** 

*No more than two reference letters will be reviewed.

**Please limit volunteer profiles to one page. 

Selecting Our Award Winners

The Awards Selection Committee will validate and review all nominations received prior to the nomination deadline.  Submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following:

Application Requirements (5%):
The application form is completed in its entirety, all supporting documentation is provided and the nominee meets all award category criteria.

Biographical and Reference Information (10%):
The biographical information and reference letters provide a comprehensive overview of the nominee's volunteer service and provides examples of their work as it relates to the award category.

Community Support (20%):
In addition to being a Richmond Hill resident, the nominee's volunteerism actively takes place in Richmond Hill and significantly supports the community organization.

Commitment to Volunteerism (25%):
The years of service or number of hours contributed exemplifies the nominee's commitment to volunteerism. The nominee has demonstrated excellence in performing their volunteer responsibilities.

Community Impact (40%):
The nominee's volunteerism has made a profound and positive impact on community members, produced positive changes or has inspired members of the community in a meaningful way. 

A short list will be sent to Council for final approval. Those selected to receive an award or certificate will be notified by a representative from Richmond Hill.  

Award Recipients

The following residents and organizations have been recognized by Richmond Hill since the inception of the Volunteer Achievement Awards celebration in 1963.



Nasir Azam

Suraj Bansal

Peter Busciglio

John Capogna

Eva Cheng

Martina Cordero

Samir Dossal

Gwen Johnstone

Ho Fung Leung

May Loo

Grant Rutherford

Mariam Saleh

Carla Silver

Mul Raj Sethi

Stephany Tsui

Kathleen Wong

Neighbours for the Planet

 2021 - Milestone Anniversary Certificate

 2021 Community Recognition Certificate

Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue: 20 Years of Service

Oak Ridges Lions Club: 70 Years of Service

Richmond Hill Squash Club: 50 Years of Service

Special Olympics Ontario York South: 40 Years of Service

York Region Indian Seniors Club, Richmond Hill: 15 Years of Service



Adriana Pisano Beaumont

Edda Rossi

Joe Rossi

Siew Tan

Michael Taggart

Kathie Weaver

Michelle Zikovitz

The Amici Circle of Friends

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank Volunteers

The Richmond Hill Good Neighbours Program

2010 - 2019


 2019 - Milestone Anniversary Certificate
Hannah Alper 
Cheryl Butler
Hayden Cheung
Judy Clement
Peter Devita 
Maksym Kashuba
Jennifer Krizel
Chung Kwong Lee
Lyn May
Bertha Mohl 
Savita Perera
Ernie Polsoni 
Kidambi Raj 
Ed Sackfield
Elizabeth Wilfert
Richmond Hill Community Food Bank
Muscular Dystrophy Canada York Region Walk4MD: 10 Years of Service 
Richmond Hill Camera Club: 45 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Centennial Pipe Band: 45 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Group of Artists: 40 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Historical Society: 45 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club: 100 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Men's Slo Pitch: 40 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Old Timers' Hockey League: 30 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra: 10 Years of Service
Richmond Hill Soccer Club: 50 Years of Service 




Zem-Zem Ajward
Marj Andre
Anne Bacon
Grace Bly
Michèle Bussières
Kwok Wing Cheung
Vishal Chopra
Rahila Chughtai
Julia Collins
Enid Mills
Mena Chi Ying Wong
Angela Xu
Mosaic Interfaith Out of the Cold


Sherry Caldwell
Cathy Danton
Anneli Leivo
Asad M. Malik
Chuck McClelland
Louise Wilson
Haopeng (Helen) Yang
Arthur Zhou
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre

Nargis Bardai
Kevin Dark
Demetrios Fragopoulos
Nadirshah Khoja
Amit Manocha
Norman McMullen
Anna Petruccelli






Michelle Adams
Blanche Crilly
Michael Driffield
Guillermo Elduayen
Jim File
Patricia Freeland
Masuma Jessa
David Oag
Shirin Sumar
Brennan Wong
Patricia Young


Dr. Emmanuel O. Abara
Joe Agg
Lois Anderson
Patty Carlson
Angela Carriere
Warren Collier
Ruth Coxford
Karen Harding
Mustafa Master
Karim Premji
Kent Todd
Virginia Wainman
Shannon Wong



Glemena Bettencourt
Anna Caporiccio
Dave D'Silva
Connor Marois
Ken Uyesugi




Taylor Ber
Ernie Henderson
Shelagh Harris
Gisella Imbrogno
Marty Paulin
Jennifer Pyke
Rick Singh



2000 - 2009




Elinor Charters
Roma Dempsey
Mary Vautour
Insia Virji
Winter Carnival Committee


Nancy Adams
Sharon & Jim Bradley
Naim Malik
Frank Muir
Mul Raj Sethi
Rubi Talavera
Paul Vyrostko
John Weir


Doug Beeforth
Shirley Bruce
Ruth Coxford
Katherine Mabley
Fern Russell





Cora Brodie
Doug Browne
Pasquale Di Giulio
James L. Hutchison
Barb Janetta
Cheryl Perera
Ronald Rathma
Winter Carnival Committee


Bill Doherty
Christine Phillips
Richard Sulker
Daisy Wai


Dr. Jack Bengall
Dr. Kevin Davis
Marlene Gardiner
James Kirk
David McAllister
Stan Pagonis
Rhelda Stockall





Karen Adams
Rick Collins
Onorato DiBratto
Marion MacDonald
Anita Mah
Thomas D. McKeage
Phil Wilkes
Mayor's Charity Golf Tournament
Organizing Committee


Donald Brodie
Godwin Chan
Anne Collins
Ian Dance
Alex & Anne Frickleton
Dorothy McKee
Arnold Sager
Diane Wilmot


Jay Barat
Ruby Birch
Phil Birnbaum
Bill Harris
Lynn Kulesh
Shirley Morehouse
Chris Paterson
Fern Russell
Florence Schurman
Santa Claus Parade Organizing Committee



Grace Bly
Bette Brien
Elizabeth Follows
Colin Norman
Arnie Warner
Pearl & Chester Wilson
York Central Hospital Foundation


1990 - 1999




Ann Gold
Lois Hancey
Bill Hazel
Curly & Andy Lynett
Jim & Avonelle Monkmon
Edith Sackfield
G.T. Glen Waugh
Bob & Doreen Whitmarch

Jenny Clement
Margaret Duncan
Norma Greenfield
Marion Bales Hill
Maxine Leech
Perry Lewis
Jenny Rogers
Fred & Velma Shelleto
Royal Canadian Air Cadets -
778 Banshee Squadron

Robert G. Cage
Agnes Chan-Wong
Brad Faltash
Mary Lloyd
Joyce Mark
Winston McCrory
Barry Munro
Campbell Smith
Ian Sydie
Oak Ridges Lions Club





Janet D. Fantin
Daphne Jackson
Joan Lane
Doreen Murphy
Rob Rusnov
Carrie Smith
Mary Wilson
Richmond Hill Naturalists


Pat Ash
Marcus Christensen
Joan Flynn
Tom Jones
Russell J. (Curly) Lynett
Norma Martin
James Milne
Stewart Roberts
Carol Wakefield
Rev. William A. Wallace
Greg Wilkinson
Local Architectural Conservation
Advisory Committee


Margaret Barenthin
Joesph Dadson
Bernice Lever Farrar
Tom Graham
Gwen Halliday
Collin Lewis
Donna Smith
Elvis Stojko
Margaret (Peggy) Temple
BAIF Developments Limited





Irwin Bruck
Bryan Buchan
Don Cook
Gordon M. Fleming
Peter MacKinnon
Rick Mills
Tom Murphy
Allan J. Nolan
John Short
Frank Zazzara & Jean McCron -
Special Events Committee, York South
Association for Community Living

Debbie Adams
Adrian Dieleman
Robert Janecek
Robert G. Kennedy
Nancy Jean McGuffin
Norma & Larry Ritza
Tim Wright
Wachilt & George Wustefield
Telecare South
York Region Distress Centre


Joe Abela
David C. Barrow
John Cook
Joe D'Abruzzo
John & Pat Farmer
Patricia Hy
Helen Kelesi
Brooke J. Lawrence
Marlane Lepine
Bruce & Jean McKenzie
Lynn Ziraldo
Barenaked Ladies



Barry Bingham
Betty Blaney
John Cowden
Adele Kozak
Andy Lynett
Ted & Nancy Moritsugu
Helen Smith
Elvis Stojko
Canadian Progress Club



1980 - 1989




Al Atkins
Jack Blyth
Marcia Cannell
Harry Dymond
Ralph & Carol Kraft
David Millen
Helen Schwab
Finlay Electric
Kinsmen Service Club
Richmond Hill Horticultural Society

Donovan Boucher
W. Michael Burnie
Monica Covacci
John C. H. Davis
Douglas Gray
Gerald P. Loweth
Jack Major
Glen Moreland
Walter Smith
Harrie Wertheim
Richmond Hill Lions Club
Richvale Lions Club

Andrew Armstrong
John D. Birchall
Monica Covacci
Elizabeth Davis
Marta Dobbie
Rosemarie Hauch
Christopher Hook
Heather Peck
Michael C. Sifton
Gus Villanueva




William Barker
Dr. C. Thomas Bolton
Edith & Lewis Clement
Frank & Corinne Gallant
Jeffery Griffith
Dalt Hicks
Fred Hunt
Margo MacDonald
Craig Marshall
Ken McKeown
David Morland
Gerry O'Donnell
David Oslen
Peter Service
Liberty Silver
Kathleen Smith

Stephen Bransfield
Evelyn Charters
Joan Flett
W. Kenneth Gregory
Mary-Lou Griffin
Roxanne Leung
Geraldine Randlesome
Mark & Simon Treissman
Les Trotman


Dr. Arnold T. Arai
Melanie Cole
Donald Godfrey
Joyce Mark
Nick Papa
Duncan Peake
Richard Peirce
Irvin H. Robinson
Bill Stephenson
Curtain Club
Richmond Hill Aquatic Club
Richmond Hill Lions Club
Trans Canada Radio Club &
The Trans Canada Radio Emergency





Lisa Ash
Lola Dynes
Bernie Ford
Eric George
Ossi Juola
Ed Kenny
Sylvia Kernohan
Bill & Evelyn Lazenby
Leone Marshall
Debbie Murray
Richmond Hill Civic Theatre Task Force
Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club


Brian Bain
Marnie Bain
Lee Bentham
Tiffany Bridges
Andre Chateauvert
Roy Clifton
Dr. David Fayle & Janet Fayle
Hope Holmsted
Pauline & Bernadette McLaughlin
Bridget & Rachel O'Flaherty
Marion Orr
Nancy Payne
Jane Stel
Bruce Venn
Paula Vuorela
Minor Athletic Tournaments Inc.
Richvale Lioness Club


Marsh Amos
Diane Baker
Elgin Barrow
Sue Calder
Don Gillis
Jim Hinchcliffe
Alex Keeting
Angus Philip
Glen Philip
Mike Smith
Allen F. Spraggett
David Umbach
Joe Worrall
Canadian Zephyr Advisory Committee
for the Physically Disabled
I.G.A. - Allencourt Plaza
Knights of Columbus
George P. Vanier Council 5957



Paul Beck
Nancy Cowden
Tom Gayford
Eric Greer
David Kehoe
Krista Kunstmann
Grant Marshall
Bradley McKenzie
Mary Murphy
Mehemosh Pestonji
Steve Schorsch
Matt Thompson
Jeff Wakefield
John Weir
Canadian Progress Club, York Central
Good Brothers - Larry Good, Brian Good, Bruce Good, Michael McMaster
Independent Order of Foresters
Richvale Lions Club



1970 - 1979




Dick Edmunds
Ann Gold
Jaye Green
Lori McDowell
Bradley McKenzie
Steve Penyige
Joan Rason
Steve Schorsch
Jane Sikorski
C. Russell Tilt
Good Brothers - Larry Good, Brian Good, Bruce Good, Michael McMaster & Peter Davidson
Heritage Richmond Hill/Richmond Hill Historical Society
Kinsmen Club of Richmond Hill
Lions Club of Oak Ridges Inc.
Richmond Hill Rotary Club Inc.
Richmond Hill Santa Claus Parade Committee
"Rush" - Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, Geddy Lee


James & Maureen Baskerville
Ruby Birch
Cory Bockus
Dr. Helen Hogg
George Leary
Birgit Pfenning
Joseph Ringhofer
Cam Smith
Jane Toporowski
Good Brothers - Larry Good, Brian Good, Bruce Good
Richmond Hill Area Block Parents Association - "Mickie" Ashman


Mike Bell
Steve Cox
Ann Frickleton
Donald Hick
Raymond Jackson
George Leary
Marilyn Payne
Liz Peterson
Grace Sayers
Harry Sayers
Sue Whalen
Canadian Cancer Society - Jack Doulas Follows
Canadian Red Cross Society - Elizabeth Armstrong
Good Brothers - Larry Good, Brian Good, Bruce Good, Michael McMaster
Richmond Hill Ministerial Association - 
Father F. Robinson





Kenneth Brown
Ian Cameron
Adele Downey
Donald Fraser
Ann Frickleton
Janet Hofmann
George Leary
Neil Mann
Gladys McLatchy
Steve Penyige
Karin Steiner
Jane Toporowski
Boy Scouts of Canada, York Summit District
Clubs & Scouts - Kay & Doug Attwell
Boy Scouts of Canada, York Summit District Venturers & Rovers - Ron Harding
Girl Guides of Canada, York South Div. Brownies & Guides - Kay Gallant
Girl Guides of Canada, York South Div. Cadets & Rangers - Betty O'Rourke
Richmond Hill & District Social Planning Council - Ann Gold
Richmond Hill Recycling Committee
Roy Clifton
Richmond Hill Volunteer Fire Fighters
Cecil Tuck
Winter Carnival Committee - Edwin Banks
Richvale Community Centre Program Steering Committee - Joan Hooper
York Central Hospital Board of Trustees
Barry Hayes


Fred Bovaird
Donald Fraser
James Grainger
John Guppy
Captain Edward Hawman
George Leary
Russell Lynett
Floyd Perkins
Keith Swindlehurst
Jane Toporowski
Alan White
Canadian Arthritis & Rheumatism
Elizabeth Flood
Co-ordinated Welfare Counselling Services - Grant Marshall
Family Services, Richmond Hill & Thornhill Area - Isobel Ewing
Helpmate Information - Emily Glover
Meals on Wheels - Joan Flett
Oak Ridges Senior Citizens' Group
Dorothy Barnsdale
Richmond Hill Agricultural Society
Dalton Rumney
Richmond Hill & District Family "Y"
Edith Clement
Richmond Hill Senior Citizens' Group
Edna Harding
Richmond Hill Youth Concert Band
Rick Harper
Richvale Senior Citizens' Group
Violet Ablett
York Central Association for the Mentally Retarded - Donald Hodgson
York Central Hospital Auxiliary
Shirley Wilcock


Gary Charity
Morley Hall
Dawson Hare
Brian Mather
Jane Toporowski
Larry Wales





Nicholas Fox
Steven Juhasz
George H. Leary
Nancey Stoness
Larry Wales
Linda Woodcock
Canadian Senior Men's Softball Champions - Richmond Hill Dynes Jewellers Fastball Team
Oak Ridges "Flyers" Midget Hockey Team


Debbie Carter
Don Fraser
George H. Leary
Lindy Watts
Richmond Hill Bond Steel Minor Midgets
Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club
World's Senior Men's Softball Champions - Richmond Hill
Dynes Jewellers Fastball Team


Frank Barrott
Alex Campbell
Russel "Casey" Cripps
Vern Dynes
Eric George
Dick Hutchinson
George Leary
Ivan Mansbridge
Patricia Paxton
Angus Philip
Paul Philip
David Porter
Stan Thornington
Richmond Hill Dynes Jewellers Fastball Team


Elgin Barrow
Doug Boyd
Thomas Broadhurst
Judge James Butler
Brydon Ellis
Jack Hallowell
Howard Jackman
John LeClaire
Robert Little
John MacDiarmid
Garth Moore
Robert Robbins
Robert Ross
Harry Sayers
Mr. & Mrs. David Steen
Margaret Southwell
William Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Young



1963 - 1969




Shaun Beggs
Douglas Hitchins


Ray Brooks
Wentworth Dowell
Marjorie Gleason
Ron McAndrews
Douglas McLean


J. W. Butler
Mary Dawson
May Maitland
William Ruttle
Jean Thomson
Otto Whalen




Ray Gemmill
Percy C. Hill
Peter Sale
Dorothy Turner
Margaret Williams


Harold (Bud) Jones
Pat Smith
Alan Smyth
Lois Stanley
W. J. Tom Taylor
Ken Tomlin
Harris Walton


Katherine Ball
William Hall
Alton Hicks
R. Douglas Lucas



William Ruttle
Arena Board
Library Board
Parks Board
Recreation Committee
Softballers & Lawn Bowlers (who won Provincial recognition)
Victorian Order of Nurses