Outdoor Skating

Important Outdoor Skating Information (updated March 7)

Mill Pond, Lake Wilcox and Richmond Green Skate Trail are now closed for the season. 

Please stay off all bodies of water. Fluctuating temperatures and warmer weather have made the ice unsafe. Skating is prohibited at all Richmond Hill stormwater ponds. Violators will be fined. Read more.

Richmond Hill has great outdoor skating opportunities in the winter.

Richmond Green Skate Trail 

Glide through the trees at our 250 metre looped skate trail with lights for evening skating and ample parking. The skate trail is located at 1300 Elgin Mills Road East right next to Tom Graham Arena.

Hours of operation are 10 a.m to 10 p.m. daily (December to March; weather permitting). For skate trail conditions you can call our hotline at 905-771-5490.

Status: Closed for the season

Mill Pond and Lake Wilcox 

Enjoy skating on the natural ice rinks at Mill Pond and Lake Wilcox in the winter (weather permitting). 

Status: Closed for the season

Ice Safety

We know how inviting a clean sheet of ice can be. However, we advise everyone to stay off of frozen lakes*, rivers, ponds* and stormwater ponds, as the ice may not be safe. Even if the weather has been cold, other factors such as water flow, fluctuating water levels and snow on the ice, can contribute to unsafe conditions. In addition, even if the ice at the water's edge seems safe, it can get weaker further out.

Stormwater ponds are particularly dangerous to play on. Unlike natural ponds, stormwater ponds are designed to collect and release runoff from rainfall and snowmelt to help prevent flooding in the community. As a result, water levels change rapidly due to the constant water flow. The pond water may also contain road salt and other contaminants, which contribute to poor ice quality. These factors combine to create dangerous and unpredictable conditions, which put your safety and the safety of our emergency responders at risk.

If someone falls through the ice, call 9-1-1. Do not put yourself in danger. Throw a flotation device, rope, extension cord, ladder or long pole to hold onto. If they manage to get out, try to dry them off and keep them warm until emergency personnel arrive. 

*The only natural bodies of water that are monitored by the City are the Mill Pond and the City-run ice rink on Lake Wilcox (note that we do not monitor the entire lake). Please obey posted signage.  

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