Mill Pond Park

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Mill Pond Park is one of our most popular outdoor recreation and entertainment areas. Overlooking the pond you'll find a playground, boardwalk and trail, gazebo and many areas to sit and relax. The park also has washrooms and parking.

In the winter, Mill Pond is a great place to go skating and/or play hockey with friends and family. Be sure to check that the ice is safe first. Signage is posted at the south end of the pond.

Mill Pond Park is also home to:

  • Concerts in the Park
  • The annual Winter Carnival
  • The Mill Pond Splash Event
  • The Millennium Garden (just south of the main parking lot)

Mill Pond Park is located at the corner of Mill Street and Trench Street.

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Mill Pond Park Renewal Projects

Richmond Hill is undertaking two comprehensive studies for the rehabilitation and renewal of Mill Pond Park. A Stormwater Environmental Assessment will be completed to evaluate existing stromwater drainage and to propose rehabilitation options. A Park Revitalization Master Plan will be completed to guide the phased revitalization of the park and stormwater management works. The two projects will work jointly to improve the overall park.

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About Mill Pond

Mill Pond is named for the sawmill operation that once used the pond for power. The sawmill is an important part of our cultural heritage because it was one of many things that made the heart of Richmond Hill an attractive place to settle in the late 1800s.

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