Richmond Hill provides the community with public access to fishing areas that have a variety of freshwater fish.

Fishing Locations

Where to fish

There are a number of areas to fish in the Richmond Hill community including:

  • Lake Wilcox (please note fishing at Lake Wilcox is permitted from boats, privately-owned shoreline areas, and from the fishing platform in Lake Wilcox Park, across from Jessie Vanek Park)
  • Humber River
  • Rouge River
  • Don River

Where not to fish

Signs are posted in areas where fishing is not allowed in the community. These no fishing locations include:

  • Lake St. George
  • Phyllis Rawlinson Park
  • Bond Lake, in the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve
  • Phillips Lake, in the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve
  • Lake Wilcox Fish and Wildlife Refuge, west end of Lake Wilcox, as well as off the new pedestrian boardwalk
  • All stormwater management facilities

Tips for a good fishing experience

You can make your fishing experience in Richmond Hill a great one by following these tips:

Be considerate, have fun and stay safe

Be polite to your fishing neighbours and the environment by following these rules:

  • Respect other fishers beside you and don't crowd fishing areas
  • Don't litter
  • Get rid of old fishing lines in the proper garbage cans
  • Don't leave hooks unattended
  • Don't release bait
  • Don't snag
  • Be careful when fishing near flowing water
Choose the right location 
Don't trespass when choosing a place to fish. All fishing sites are on public land and it's your responsibility to make sure you aren't on private property. 
Get Licensed 
You need a licence to fish if you are between the ages of 18 and 64. There are different licences you can get. Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry website for more information.
Know what you can and can't eat 
You can't always eat what you catch. Check the guide for Eating Ontario Fish or call 1-800-820-2716 to order a copy. 
Learn about the rules and regulations 

There are closed and open seasons for some fish and there are some rules about the amount of fish you can catch. For further information about fishing rules please visit Ontario's Fishing Regulations.

Contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for more information about fishing in Richmond Hill.