Artist in Residence

A Puzzling Habitat by Cindy Scaife

Experience the magic of this year’s Artist in Residence, Cindy Scaife! Cindy is a muralist and arts educator. View her installation and immerse yourself in an art experience that reconnects you with nature. Cindy has created a sculpture series that uses the power of art to generate awareness of threatened species in our local community.

The sculpture series focuses on three native animals that are at risk in York Region, due to the destruction of their habitat and increased contact with human populations.

Each sculpture is designed with a system of interlocking wooden pieces, which assemble similar to a three-dimensional puzzle. The sculptures are embellished with the name of the animal in English and translated to both French and Anishinaabe.

Take a moment to appreciate the installation and reflect on what you can do for your community to protect the local environment and the natural habitat of these species.  

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Toronto, Cindy Scaife has called Richmond Hill home for the past 23 years. Cindy has been a full-time professional mural artist for over 30 years. Her mural career includes works for private, commercial, corporate clients, educational institutions and public art projects. She often creates her murals within a Pop Art style. She is greatly influenced by the art, design and advertising of the Atomic Age. Drawing heavily from the colour palette and apparent optimism of this era, her work reflects this period’s nostalgia and practice of incorporating of type within art. Pop culture iconography and its historical influence on our lives has been a continuous thread in her work for many years. Cindy employs an array of artistic techniques when creating her wall murals. By combining classic painting techniques, traditional sign-painting methods which she has honed while hand painting massive exterior billboards, unique pattern layouts with custom stencils and digital design composition methods, Cindy’s murals are distinctive works of art which serve to enhance and engage the communities within which they live.

About the Program

Richmond Hill's Artist in Residence program was developed to provide artists with the opportunity to develop a new piece of work, with the stated purpose of animating outdoor public spaces. The goal of the art work is also to engage the community through the creation of a temporary installation(s) or creative experience.  

Program Goals
 The overarching goals of the Artist in Residence program are to:
  • Animate outdoor public space(s);
  • Foster accessible, inviting and fun community engagement in arts;
  • Support the creation of vibrant places and spaces in Richmond Hill;
  • Create opportunities for intercultural exchange;
  • Provide an opportunity for an artist(s) to build their portfolio and body of work; and
  • Offer opportunities for residents and visitors to experience art in non-traditional spaces and in non-traditional forms.
  • The program is open to emerging, mid-career/established professional artists working in, but not limited, to the following disciplines: Performing Arts, Visual and Media Arts (including Film/Video), Dance, Music, Multidisciplinary, Craft, Theatre and Literary Arts.
  • The artist must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, aged 18 years or older. 
  • Full-time City of Richmond Hill employees are not eligible to participate.

Past Residencies

2018- Aimie Bothelo, Bookaliedoscope

The 2018 Artist in Residence was blacksmith Aimie Bothelo. Aimie created a temporary installation called Bookaleidoscope.  The interactive sculpture was located at the Richmond Hill Central Library Garden and allowed the community the chance to view the world in different patterns and colours.  Two workshops were also offered where families were invited to create their own craft kaleidoscope.  

2017- The Karma Project, Intercollective

The 2017 Artists in Residence were The Karma Project, Hasheel Lodhia and Robert Halley. They presented six performances of Intercollective, an interactive experience where music and movement came together, to honour the diverse fabric of Canada and the residents of Richmond Hill.