Lifesaving and Leadership Program

Summer Aquatic Leadership Courses

Richmond Hill has a number of opportunities for young adults to take part in lifesaving and leadership programs starting this summer.

Registration starts Tuesday, June 29 at 7 a.m. 

LSS Bronze Star 

LSS Bronze Medallion

LSS Emergency First Aid

LSS Standard First Aid

LSS Standard First Aid Recertification

LSS Bronze Cross 

LSS Swim and Lifesaving Instructor 

LSS National Lifeguard – Pool

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Join our skilled team of Lifeguards and Swim Instructors!

We offer flexible hours to suit your personal schedule (early mornings, daytime, evenings and weekend hours available) and a friendly, team-oriented atmosphere. You will learn teamwork and leadership skills and boost your self-confidence and communication skills for your future careers.

Volunteer with us and we will help pay for your next Leadership Course!

The Richmond Hill Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program allows Aquatic volunteers to use their hours towards the cost of future Aquatic Leadership courses.

Here is how you can get started:

Volunteer at a pool! - currently unavailable 

Step 1: Attend an Aquatic Volunteer Orientation
Visit  to register for an Aquatic Volunteer Orientation where you will learn about the volunteer program. Create an online profile and complete the required forms.  Please bring a smart phone, tablet or laptop with wireless capabilities to the orientation. You must be a minimum of 14 years of age and have your Bronze Medallion.

Step 2: Complete online the Accessible (AODA) Customer Service Training
Once your profile has been created at the orientation, and your qualifications and parent/guardian consent forms have been submitted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the AODA training.

Step 3: We will contact you
The Aquatic Supervisor from the pool of your choice will contact you as they are ready to schedule volunteers. 

Step 4: Track your hours
Once you have secured a volunteer position, you will receive a tracking form. You can also print the tracking form here. This tracking form must be completed at the end of each shift and your hours must be signed off by the on duty Deck Supervisor. Don't forget to log your hours in your online profile as well.

Step 5: Log your hours
Login periodically to your volunteer profile and update your hours on the database. 

Please note: if you would like your hours to be used towards the Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program, please ensure to log these hours under the “Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program” category. 

Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program   

Did you know that by volunteering with our Aquatics Team volunteers can use their hours towards the cost of future Aquatic Leadership courses?

Here is how it works:

Hours Course
30 Volunteer Hours Emergency First Aid
Standard First Aid Recertification
Bronze Cross Re-exam
NL Skills Practice
40 Volunteer Hours Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid
Assistant Instructor
50 Volunteer Hours Swim and Lifesaving Instructor
National Lifeguard

Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Discount Form

The Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Discount Form must be completed once you have earned the appropriate number of hours to receive one of the above noted Leadership courses. Hours must be logged on your personal volunteer profile under the ‘Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program’ category.

Hour tracking sheets and completed registration forms are to be submitted to the Aquatic Coordinator at the Oak Ridges Pool. Forms can also be dropped off in person at the Oak Ridges Community Centre and Pool.

Please note: Book Fees, Exam Fees and Non-Resident Fees are not included in the Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program. Participants will be required to pay for these fees at the time of registration. Please ensure payment information is included on the registration form.

You will receive an email confirmation once volunteer hours have been validated and you have been registered for the course of your choice.

Community Service Volunteer hours that are signed off for school, are not eligible and should not be logged under the ‘Aquatic Volunteer Recognition Program’ category.

Join our team! 

We have positions for Aquatic Attendants, Swim Instructors and Lifeguards. To join Richmond Hill’s Aquatic Team here are the steps to follow:  

Step 1: Get Qualified
Here are the qualifications required:

Aquatic Attendant

Swim Instructor


15 years of age
Bronze Cross
Standard First Aid and CPR “C”

LSS Assistant Instructor 

Standard First Aid and CPR “C”

Bronze Cross or National Lifeguard – Pool

LSS Swim and Lifesaving Instructors  

Standard First Aid and CPR “C”

National Lifeguard - Pool

Step 2: Review Job Posting and Apply
Visit, and type “Aquatic Employment” and click search, then click on the Aquatic Employment Job Posting. From the job posting click “Apply now” in the right of screen. Create a user profile and apply online through the job posting.

choose the position you are interested in (Aquatic Attendant or Lifeguards and Swim Instructors).

Step 3: Register and Complete an Aquatic Interview

Register online at  type “Aquatic Interview” and click search, select the earliest or most convenient date to participate in our Aquatic Interviews.

Step 4: Communicate
Qualifications are valid for two years from the certification date. If you update or get new qualifications, please email the Aquatic Coordinator. Once a position becomes available you will be contacted about training and scheduling.

If you have any questions regarding aquatic recruitment, please email the Aquatic Coordinator.



The minimum qualifications required are:

  • Standard First Aid with CPR Level C
  • Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard (Pool)

Swim Instructor

The minimum qualifications required are:

  • Standard First Aid with CPR Level C
  • Lifesaving Society Swim Instructors
  • Lifesaving Society Lifesaving Instructors
  • Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross or Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard (Pool)

For volunteer information, please email the Aquatic Coordinator.

For recruitment, please email the Aquatic Coordinator.

Aquatic Leadership programs

Our Aquatic Leadership programs give you the chance to improve your swimming skills or become a lifeguard, swimming instructor or lifesaving instructor. Richmond Hill's programs will help you reach your goals and maintain your certification.


We have Lifesaving Society (LSS) courses that can lead to instructor, coaching or lifeguard certifications. The Aquatic Leadership courses include:

  • LSS Bronze Star
  • LSS Bronze Medallion
  • LSS Emergency First Aid
  • LSS Bronze Cross
  • LSS National Lifeguard (NL)
  • LSS Assistant Instructor
  • LSS Swim and Lifesaving Instructor
  • LSS Sport Coach Level 1
  • LSS Standard First Aid with CPR-C
  • LSS Examiners Course
To Register 

Aquatic Leadership courses run throughout the year. You must attend all classes of an Aquatic Leadership Program. Bring the following with you to all courses:

  • Bathing suit and towel for courses with a water component
  • Comfortable clothing, a whistle, notebook, pen, pencils, lunch, dinner, snacks
  • Proof of age
  • Your original prerequisite certifications and all manuals used in previous courses

You can register for a course one of the following ways:

  • Register online
  • Complete a registration form and drop it off in-person at one of our community centres
  • Complete a registration form and mail it to Richmond Hill's Community Services Department at:

225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4

You can cancel your participation from an Aquatic Leadership course a minimum of five business days before the program start date. Richmond Hill must receive your written request for refund by that time. 

Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club

The Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club (RHLC) introduces young athletes to lifesaving as a sport. This sport promotes healthy living and physical fitness. Specially trained Lifesaving Coaches help swimmers improve their strength, power and endurance. Athletes also focus on teamwork, sportsmanship and achieving personal best while having fun at the same time.

About lifesaving sport

The LSS is the Canadian governing body of lifesaving sport which is recognized by The International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. The LSS promotes competition as a way for athletes in training to showcase their abilities as lifeguards and lifesavers.